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I threw out my prayers they went flying like balloons
And got caught on gothic ceilings the most ornate in the world
What a sight, what a privilege to feel those heights
But my prayers stayed up there spinning...

So I packed my bags and went looking for wide space
All along there were new faces, every corner always more
There was one, he was bright, and he was always right
He said ‘travel without purpose is a bore’

Tivoli, Tivoli, You put banners in my sky
Quietly, while I wasn’t looking
I don’t know how I could repay you for your colours and your light
And the pretty way they shine, Tivoli

The air whipped our hair, we went shooting down the valley
Knuckles gripped upon the handles, shivers rushing down my spine
What’s sublime always comes at the most frightening time
To make sure you won’t forget

Every train that left meant a city overturned
Meant cardboard beds and rowdy check-ins
People feeding on their vice
Counting breaths, counting seconds in the dark of night
Thinking ‘God I guess the highs come at a price’

There's nothing like old friends in brand new scenery
Drawing patterns your know well
Ringing bold familiar bells
No we haven’t come so far
I’ll walk you right back to the start
Come back Tivoli

I caught my breath in a chapel on a hill
It was small but it was open and it didn’t have a name
There my mother was begging me to try again
There are songs that are worth singing
There are dreams that are worth stringing on the...

Back of our bike racks, along with all the knick knacks
Generous strangers thought might help us to the sea
But don’t you see sometimes you gotta let go
And ride even though you don’t know if the journey was worth fighting for Without wrong turns there’d be no Tivoli

And your presence through the night to remind me that I’m fine
To remind me that I’m fine


from Boxcar Lullabies, released May 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Rayannah Winnipeg, Manitoba

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